Country Side Tour

Gunungsari village, A village just 4 km north of Mataram, to see the locals making furniture from doted bamboo. Tables, chairs and other kind of handycrafts are made here, seems to be apart of their activities beside farming. Rungkang Jangkuk, A village of the Antique collector, located 2 km north of Cakranegara where you can see the masks, baskets and antique wood carving.

Another Sasak tradional village, located on the hillside with fresh and peaceful atmosphere, surrounded by typical of sasak houses called Bale Balak (living house) with short door, thatched roof and grounded floor. Each houses ussualy has Sambi ( rice storage). People here are very friendly.

Nyiurbaya village, For those being fond of short walk, this mountain weed baskets village is a splendeed place. Walking pass through the ricefield, mountain view and the soft sound of running river to always welcome you. Ketak baskets are made here.

Suranadi, A cool resort area 17 km to the north east of Mataram. This forest recreation park accupies an area of 154 hectares. Between ceremonies are carried out inside the hindu’s temple, there is a “sacred water spring in the front yard of the main temple with eel as the major attraction

We do not visiting the suranadi temple. if they wish to visit the temple , entrance fee will be on their own cost.