Lombok At A Glance

LOMBOK is an island located in the province of West Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia, most often overshadowed by its neighbor of Bali; its idyllic landscape and charm is its prized asset.

Part of the Lesser Sunda Islands, the Lombok Strait is to the west with its neighboring Bali and the Alas Strait to the east with the island of Sumbawa. The total area is roughly 1,743 square miles or 4,514 square kilometers, almost as big as Bali.

What sets this apart from all other islands in the archipelago is its unique eco-system. Throughout the island of Lombok has stunning contrasting scenery of villages to towns, coastlines, waterfalls, white beaches, rice fields, forests, rolling mountains & hills; to the peak of a active volcano with its occupying crater lake.

An ecological wonder! Observe the uniqueness in varying fauna differences due to its geographical location of the Alas Strait, serves as a biographical eco-zone division line between fauna of the Indo-Malaysian eco-zone; of the Australasian eco-zone, also known as the “Wallace Line.” Traverse its roads encircling the varying landscapes from one point to the other end of the island.

As a prime destination for pack-backers and hikers alike, the island is overshadowed by Mount Rinjani (classified as a strato-volcano, the second highest volcano in Indonesia, with a height of 3,726 meters 12,224 ft). Embark on an breath taking excursion to the enchanted peak where sits an island within an active crater!

In the lowlands, are forest/jungle highlands, which are mostly pristine and untouched. The tranquil lowlands consist of areas for cultivation of rice, soybean, coffee, tobacco, cotton, cinnamon, cacao, cloves, cassava, corn, coconuts, copra, bananas and vanilla crops. Embrace the cool breezes coming off of the rice fields with palm trees swaying as encounter friendly villagers.

Along its southern coastline is drier than of cooler northern counterpart. South Lombok beaches varies with other parts of the island, white fine to small coarse bullets of sand outlying its southern pristine coastlines. For surfers and romantics are drawn to this region for its rustic lifestyle and beautiful waves. Most beaches there are still untouched and tranquil, partaking into your imagination of what paradise is.

Outlying the larger island of Lombok are smaller islands called ‘Gili.’ These small islands surrounded by coral reefs are a real hidden treasure! These Gili islands have no motorized vehicles (for the few exceptions) giving the real experience of being a castaway, but with all the perks and amenities of civilized accommodations.

Lombok is truly a destination of natural wonders, experience paradise yet to be explored!