Special Tours

Max : 10 hours

Point’s of Interest :

A wide range of maint points of interest in Lombok from the well paved roads to the off beaten track, from the mountainous resort to the fantastic beaches, to the main city to the remote village, the lush tropical rain forest to the barren plateau, all in one …. As only time permits.


The best cliff to view the sunset on the western coastline of Lombok (subject to weather conditions)

Pusuk Reserved Forest

This is one of the densest tropical reserve rain forests in Lombok. It has a fantastic ocean view and there is friendly monkeys playing on the roadside, it’s definitely worth a stop.

Lendang Bajur

A typical small Sasak market where you can find a lot of local vegetables, herbs, spices, rice, fish, fruit and local artifacts.


Traditional songket cloth is handwoven with gold and silver thread on simple looms.


A typical Sasak village where the houses (Bale Balaq) and rice storage buildings (Alang-alang/Lumbung) are stil connstructed with wood, bamboo and thatch roof.

One thought on “Special Tours

  1. tolong tanya untuk tour trekking ke rinjani u awal agustus berapa tarifnya ?
    tolong tanya juga pesawat ke lombok PP dari surabaya ama bali harga berapa?
    terima kasih

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